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However, they can also be thin, similar to a C shape, but with more shoulders for a better grip. It doesn't give you as much versatility as a Strat SSS configuration, but you might like the cleaner look of a guitar body with fewer pickups. The AVII has a nicer finish (nitro over poly sealer, compared to thick poly) and will have better setup / quality control (which can be important especially if you dont do your own setups). everyone's recommending 11s. #fendertelecaster #guitarshootout #guitar #fender @fender Welcome to this guitar shootout between the Fender Vintera Telecaster and Fender American Original Telecaster! This means you get a really clear, dynamic and balanced sound not to mention vintage. The Fender American Original 50s Stratocaster gives you 5 switch options while the Fender Vintera Road Worn 50s Telecaster gives you 3. The alternative (Active pickups) offer a higher output that is mostly used for heavy music. This is what you should aim for if you can afford it. You have arrived at The Lick Loft! Some people prefer the opposite. Lastly, but still an important point to make the Vinteras all come shipped with a gig bag, whereas the Players dont come with anything. Nut quality can be inconsistent even when comparing two copies of the same guitar model. Neither of them come with some kind of coil split or pickup mod option. Not everyone is going to bothered about nailing that vintage tone or vibe, and thats fine the Player series will see you right. Fender American Original vs Vintera 60s Strat Part 1 - Can A Mex Beat A USA? They sound similar to Ivory since they give a lot of sustain and a bright sound (at least when striking open strings). The Vintera 'Modified' series will have the more modern features like a 9.5 fretboard radius, two point tremolo and modern switching options if you prefer that to vintage specs. Contrary to popular belief, the difference in sustain and tone that some neck joints give to a guitar is simply unperceivableif they're all well built. Playing into a Fender Tone Master Super Reverb and using a Keeley Red Dirt for my overdrive pedal. I pulled the trigger on an AO60s! Andertons Music Co 823K. The action you just performed triggered the security solution. Sep 5, 2019. I don't have experience with the Vintera Modified but I do have the AO60s Tele. We have a new #FocusOnSound review video for you, and today's subject. The best fretboards have a compound radius that varies across the fingerboard, but they're not common since they take a lot more work to build. Thank you all for your input. The sound is slightly higher output than what Ive heard of vintage reissue Tele pickups (though not as much as my G&L ASAT Classic) and very versatile. I ended up comparing the American Pro, American Original, and the Eric Johnson. BUT they might still not be the right guitar for you. Fender Precision Bass Original 60 vs Vintera 50 sound comparison (2 min no talking) 4,953 views Dec 19, 2021 Same strings and sound processing on both instruments .more .more 95 Dislike. Its one of my favourite guitars and a real workhorse. After going through our comparison algorithm, the results show that the Fender American Original 50s Stratocaster is probably the better product overall with its final score of 72 compared to the Fender Vintera Road Worn 50s Telecaster's 68 score, although not by a lot. The Fender Road Worn Series, will be a future collectable. Mexico has been for a long time where Fender has built their semi-premium series. Fender Vintera Road Worn 50s Telecaster vs Fender American Original 50s Stratocaster, 3-Saddle Vintage-Style Strings-Through-Body Tele with Brass Barrel Saddles, Pure Vintage 6-Saddle Synchronized Tremolo, 1st Fret: 0.91'' (23.1mm) - 12th Fret: 0.98'' (24.9mm), 1st Fret: 0.9'' (22.9mm) - 12th Fret: 0.99'' (25.1mm), Fender Vintage Style 50s Single-Coil Hot Tele (Single Coil / Passive), Fender Pure Vintage 59 Single-Coil Strat (Single Coil / Passive), Bridge pickup: Fender Vintage Style 50s Single-Coil Hot Tele (Single Coil/Passive), Neck pickup: Fender Vintage Style 50s Single-Coil Hot Tele (Single Coil/Passive), 3-Saddle Vintage-Style Strings-Through-Body Tele with Brass Barrel Saddles bridge, From Fender's 2018 American Original series, Bridge pickup: Fender Pure Vintage 59 Single-Coil Strat (Single Coil/Passive), Middle pickup: Fender Pure Vintage 59 Single-Coil Strat (Single Coil/Passive), Neck pickup: Fender Pure Vintage 59 Single-Coil Strat (Single Coil/Passive), Pure Vintage 6-Saddle Synchronized Tremolo bridge, Pure Vintage Single Line Fender Deluxe tuners, Weight between 7.938lbs (3.6kgs) and 8lbs (3.6kgs). The Fender Vintera Road Worn 50s Telecaster has a Synthetic Bone nut. But if you can't or want a second opinion on it, we can still take a look at each of the important measurements of the guitar for you. JavaScript is disabled. So for me it's versatility vs. having "that sound.". Road Worns have relic finishes and come with period-specific specs, now under the Vintera line. 3 Reply You might notice however, that the Vinteras are more expensive, so what are the differences between these two series to justify the price gap? That's why you should always test a guitar before buying it. In this case, both guitars have different neck shapes: The Fender Vintera Road Worn 50s Telecaster has a U type of neck. Fingerboard radius. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. Youll notice as well that the 50s models have single-ply scratchplates, as they did back then its not a huge difference, but its a nice touch that adds to whole vintage aesthetic of these guitars. Most guitar fret wire is made of nickel silver. Here is the list of features that were considered when choosing the winner in the Features subcategory: Let's now compare the playability of both guitars. Interestingly the V of the vintera is quite a bit slimmer than the AO50s strat which also has the V shape The 50s one has a 7.25 inch fretboard radius, and I think the Vintera series basses have a 9.5 radius. Thanks all. thanks for that. There was a lot of info available on the Fender forums before they were closed down. Anything other than whats stated as a sponsored feature is used entirely of my own volition, and no additional sponsorship is involved. Some guitars offer you more ways to explore your creativity than others. Thanks a ton, I've actually got some Pyramid flatwound 12s in the mail, hoping they're not gonna be too big. If the AO neck is anything like the AV '64, you'll be just fine, although the AV has a 7.25 radius. The pickups were specially designed for the Fender Player series. And as a bonus, the 1951 U shape neck should be closer to the Vintera, anyway, than the modified neck they put on the American Original (which is good, but comes off more as like a medium C with love handles than a real vintage piece). Your IP: Apr 5, 2021 #21 I'm looking for a 50's style maple board Stratocaster. 20 days ago. However, it doesn't have the same versatility as a tremolo bridge. They have a regular output and will serve you for both high-gain and clean tones. The neck profiles, the finishes they all make up a fantastic range of guitars and basses with a tremendously old-school vibe, plus the fact you get a gig bag with each one shouldnt be sniffed at either. The Fender Player series represents 60-70 years worth of innovation theyre modern versions of the classic guitars, but they retain the character of what made them so iconic. The necks on the 60s Vinteras are a little closer to that of the Player, but still a tad chunkier. Is that some kind of boutique make ? Plus, you know, price. I'd slaughter my entire family for a AO60s. All the guitars and basses in the Fender Player series have Modern C neck profiles these are like a C-shape, but flattened a bit. With the AO, you will get a nice nitro finish, too. The pickups in the Players are fantastic, but the amount of work that Tim Shaw has put into the Vintera pickups; from the research to the carefully chosen material that theyre made up of, mean that you get guitars that sound incredibly close to how they did in the 50s, 60s and 70s. I believe that the Vintera you are looking at is the successor to the Baja, which wasn't my favorite and is now long gone. If youre a fan of players that have used 60s Strats Stevie Ray Vaughan and John Frusciante being just two examples, and youre after that sort of sound, then the Vintera 60s Strat is such a good option its cheaper than an American Original or a Custom Shop, and it gets you a good part of the way there. The higher-end ones are better for keeping. Fender American Original 50's Vs Vintera 50's Stratocaster 27,204 views Jun 19, 2020 390 Dislike Share astringsuk 10.2K subscribers In search of that 50's Fender tone but not sure whether. I find that the player-grade Fenders are excellent for that-- playing. Any variation can completely change how comfortable a guitar feels in your hands. The manufacturing country can tell a lot about the build quality of an instrument. The guitar world in general, is pretty obsessed with vintage guitars, so for some players, they will be more desirable. The Vintera series on the other hand, is a direct throwback to the 50s, 60s and 70s. The version that came before Vintera. Are the pups shielded? However, the biggest practical difference likely will be the quality of the pickups and electronics: The AVII has Fenders Pure Vintage pickups while the Vintera 50s has something the Fender website just calls vintage-style pickups. When I look back on things I've bought, ( I have only one guitar) I never wish I had gotten the cheaper version. 1,966. Orig. Squier Classic Vibe '50s Stratocaster in Fiesta Red - Vintera '50s Strat in Sonic Blue - American Original 50s Strat Maple Neck In Aztec Gold - Captain \u0026 Chappers compare some Vintage Fender Strats - which one comes out on top? The Fender American Original 50s Stratocaster wins when it comes to sound, build quality. In the end, this doesn't matter if you're not going to use the bridge for its original purpose, so choose the bridge that fits your playing style better. I havent tried the AO Tele but I have a Vintera 50s modified Tele and think its an excellent guitar that is very well built. Nowadays, guitars made in other countries can beat some of the ones made in the US, but most of the time, this country offers the best you can get. Theyve got player-friendly features, theyre available in quite a few different finishes (modern and classic), but theyre still quintessentially Fender. The AV2s are models that are based on a specific year for a guitar and are accurate for that specific year whereas the vintera is a mixture of stuff from that decade I believe. However, some of them do have advantages over the others. Welcome to r/guitar, a community devoted to the exchange of guitar related information. Just wanna be sure as I have an American original transferring to my guitar shop, and wanna be able to tell the difference in case they stiff me and sell me a Vintera, without me knowing. For me the fretboard radius is a deal breaker but otherwise it looks very similar to the American Original I have. Meteora Other Shop All Electric Guitars SHOP BY SERIES American Professional ll American Ultra American Ultra Luxe American Performer Player Plus Player JV Modified Vintera Noventa Made in Japan Limited Edition Artist Signature HIGHLIGHTS Introducing Slime Green & Metallic Plum Acoustasonic Back FEATURED Mod Shop - Design Your Own Guitar However, most people tend to prefer a thinner necks because it doesn't get in their way when playing fast and most hand sizes can adapt to it pretty well. It's the best guitar I've ever played. Most guitar fretboards are not flat; they usually have a curve or arc across their width. But, I haven't played either. Both guitars meet 5 out of our 8 criteria items for beginner friendliness. Thanks for visiting. Not familiar with Swart. They let you perform the intense vibrato effects that would be impossible with a fixed bridge. If you want a vintage style guitar, with all its old-school mojo, but with a bit of extra spice, then one of the Modified Vinteras could be for you. Not only do the Fender Player and Vintera guitars sound different, but theyve got different features too. I really love the tones I was getti Vintera Road Worn 50s/ Please SUBSCRIBE to our channel - starts at 1:44In today's video we were back at the awesome Bonners Music in Eastbourne to check out some of the new Fender Vintera Strats and the Fender American Original Strats. Fender Stratocasters: American Performer vs. Vintera '60s ModifiedIt's that time again! Difficult to say without trying which isn't currently possible. However, we can know whether a guitar favors small or large hands just by knowing its exact measurements. As the Vinteras are period-correct, theyll have the same number of frets as they did in that decade; usually 21 on Strats and Teles; on the Players, theyve got 22 so if you like having that extra access to the highest notes, then the Players give you that. This means that the Fender American Original 50s Stratocaster gives you more options to find the right pickup combination for the type of sound you want to achieve. All of the gain came from the amp with an SM57 in front of it to try and make it as fair as possible.Check out the guitars used in this video at Bonners Music - Vintera 50's Stratocaster vs Fender American Original 50's Strat, which do you prefer? Even though they say it's because of its balanced tone with an emphasis in the upper midrange, it probably is because it isn't too expensive, and it's also pretty lightweightmore than Mahogany. Fender Vintera 50's Road Worn Strat: (affiliate link)Hey guys this is a Strat worth looking into. 15,804 views Jun 16, 2020 145 Dislike Share Save Oli Royer 2.05K subscribers Watch Part 2 -. Hard to explain. Both these guitars come with regular tuners. If you got small hands, none of these guitars will make a big difference when it comes to comfortability. Find out more about Alder. These are affiliate links. This allows you to replace the neck or take it off for travel. What are the differences between these guitars? The AVII 1951 and Vintera 50s should be very similar guitars in most respects. If you want to support my channel, please follow the links below to listen to music. We used no pedals in this video. The AO feels great in the hand as the taper fills the hand as you move up the fretboard. I mostly use the 3 classic Tele sounds but have found the out-of-phase sounds useful when I want something different (or when I need a glassy almost-but-not-really-Strat tone). Both guitars have a Bolt-On neck joint. All Rights Reserved. Maybe the Vintera is the right price point and playing point for you. I would think that Richard Blenkinsop, The author of of the above article, could answer this. Main Stratocaster Guitar Discussion Forum. Nevertheless, when it comes to choosing a guitar, you should pick the one more compatible with your personal style. Obviously a Tele pickup sounds different to a Strat pickup, but theyre all made using the same magnets and wiring. I think the Am. AboutPressCopyrightContact. And stop by the forum to join in on the conversation. I do feel that it does sound very modern and that much vintage, the pickups are hotter than your typical 50s. A big one for me, is the difference in neck profiles- if my fretting hand isnt comfortable, then Im probably not going to get on with a guitar. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. That's the problem that synthetic bone fixes. On the other hand, the Fender Vintera Road Worn 50s Telecaster has the upper hand when it comes to playability, value for the money. These prices are searched for automatically and are prone to error. My AO60's Tele measures 0.84" thick at the 1st fret and 0.985" at the 12th fret. I also really like the twisted tele neck though. In keeping with the vintage vibe, the Vinteras are only available in finishes that were around at the time; personally, I love all the pastel finishes from the 50s Sonic Blue, Fiesta Red, Seafoam Green etc theyre all in there in the Vintera range. As an Amazon Associate site we earn from qualifying purchases. Whats for sure is that both of these ranges offer players great value for money, and theyre both built really well these things will last! Make sure you're buying the right product after clicking on a link from our site. It's a fantastic guitar and I really bonded with that specific guitar. Each pickup has been carefully calibrated and voiced not only for the decade, but also for the guitar and pickup position. The Vintera has a bigger neck, the Players are all 'modern C' which is thinner. If I could replace all my necks with this neck I would. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. However, this size usually means that the crown width is narrower than most modern frets, but the height is a bit taller than the usual vintage fret. However, some expensive guitars come with stainless steel frets. The AVRI models from the early 00's came with a capacitor that modernised the circuit. This is the distance between the nut and the bridge and will affect everything from low action allowance, difficulty to perform bends, fret separation, and even tone. But the Pure Vintage pickups in the American Original blow the Vintera pups out of the water. These are Affiliate Links, and if you shop through here, I earn a small commission which helps support me make these videos!Guitar Gear:Electric Strings: Strings: Gear:Audio Interface: SM57: Encore 200: Ring Light: I do basic audio editing on my videos to account for the microphones, preamp and room. The Fender American Original 50s Stratocaster, on the other hand, has a V neck. Vintera is 0.870 -> 0.975 "V" shape so the difference is not huge on paper certainly but probably noticeable at the nut end. I made that decision last April, and went with the Vintera 50s Mod. If you don't want to overpay for a wellp-built instrument, a guitar built in this country by a good brand always offers good value for the money. It's usually thick, which is why some people with big hands like it. The pickups in the Vintera guitars were all designed by legendary pickup guru Tim Shaw. The nut width will affect the separation between strings at the nut. . They also stated the Vintera series will ONLY be nitro in rare, special cases for limited runs. Not sure what the finish is on the Vintera though. This is a confusing name for a fret size because vintage frets are known for being short. In regards to tone, both will sound like P basses but the Vintera is more vintage voiced compared to the Pro being more modern. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This way, we can predict how easy a guitar is to play, or how different it will feel compared to the other.

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