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The Sweet Inspirations (Estelle Brown, Smith, and Shemwell) got back together again in 1994, with new member Portia Griffin. "Elvis and his doctors told me how ill he really was." Shockingly, Kathy says . The line-up included Judy Guions (who later became Judy Clay), Marie Epps, Larry Drinkard, Nicholas Drinkard, Ann Moss, Lee and Emily. I don't think they've received nearly enough credit for that. Large Pecan Pie Bites Jar w/Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream Filling 16 oz. The Sweet Inspirations join Shawn Klush on his World Tour throughout the UK. Both Dionne and Dee Dee were members, as was their cousin Myrna Smith and Judy's sister, Sylvia Shemwell. Shawn has been busy on the road, with a particularly special stop last year on The Late Show, with David Letterman, however this year Shawn has taken his talents to Hollywood, with a feature role on the HBO hit series Vinyl. Keep the Faith. Within a month of their chart climb, the group began work on their second album a gospel record entitled Songs Of Faith & Inspiration. The incredible Shawn Klush first exploded onto the UK scene when 6 million viewers tuned in to see him crowned The World's Greatest Elvis' live on BBC One. So Westmoreland, 42, will spend the weekend in Las Vegas, where she first met Elvis in 1970 and where her sister is a backup singer for Wayne Newton. Steve Priest, the bassist and co-founder of glam rock band Sweet, has died at the age of 72. The track hit number five on the R&B chart and was a top 20 pop hit. It is with deep sorrow that we announce the death of Estelle Brown in Jacksonville, Florida, born in Rock Hill, South Carolina, who passed away on January 24, 2021, at the age of 80, leaving to mourn family and friends. She said: Oh absolutely. She became a high school English teacher in South Brunswick, New Jersey in the 1960s, while she also pursued her singing career. The Sweet Inspirations were an all-female gospel/soul quartet consisting of Cissy Houston, mother of the late Whitney Houston, Sylvia Shernwell, Myrna Smith, and Estelle Brown. Jerry Schilling and Elvis Presley were close friends who reportedly both were attracted to Myrna Smith. The interviews of Elvis' Parents are well worth hearing too. A Gamble & Huff composition, Gotta Find Me A Brand New Lover. [2] A conversation about Aretha can only lead to discussion of The Sweet Inspirations. ", On March 30, 1968, the group scored their first and only top forty hit on the Billboard Top 40 Pop Chart with the song "Sweet Inspiration" on Atlantic Records. We look forward to seeing The Sweet Inspirations did a great job of blending their voices to make a soulful sound that Elvis couldnt get enough of. Estelle Brown Sweet Inspirations In Las Vegas Sweets are headed to the UK for unprecedented Fall Tour starts Nov 3rd Visit for all the information Nov3 Shawn Klush Fall UK Tour Thursday, November 3Thu, Nov 3 Wolverhampton Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, UK The Sweet Inspirations. There was an error processing your request. Despite her financial struggles, she was determined tokeep her career and her friendships with her group mates going for as long as she could. They performed at Elvis Presley tribute shows,[2] and released new material in 2005. While they were successful in their own right as a group with many hit recordings, the one song that stood out the song was their song, Sweet Inspiration. Back in the 60s, that song had many people bopping their heads and tapping their feet. Her protestations only seemed to increase Presley's determination to embarrass her. Buy it Interview with Myrna Smith Cissy Houston Remembers Elvis Presley. The ladies of Sweet Inspiration worked with Elvis in Vegas, on his national concert tours, and on recordings from 1969 to 1977. When they were unable to come to Vegas because of prior commitments, Elvis didn't hesitate; he signed the 'Sweets' with no audition required. But then when we went to rehearsal with him for the first time, it was just like a marriage. Bill Baize, The Stamps Quartet, still active. Liverpool Echo Arena Auditorium, Liverpool, UK. Gordon Stoker died at 88 at his Brentwood, Tennessee, home on March 27, 2013, after a long illness. My love and respect for him and his music have kept me focused as a tribute artist for all of these years. Emily's older sister, Lee, served as the manager of the group, which soon got noticed by Mahalia Jackson. _taboola.push({ The Sweet Inspirations was founded by former members of The Drinkard Singers, a long-running Gospel singing group whose membership included Cissy Houston (ne Drinkard), mother of Whitney Houston, and Lee Warwick, who was Cissy's sister and the mother of Sweet Inspirations members Dee Dee and Dionne Warwick. You don't have to bring them'. Shemwell died on February 13, 2010. Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre, Atlanta, GA. Atlanta Elvis fans, the wait is over. The Sweet Inspirations; If traditional Quartet harmonies delivered with exuberance and heartfelt earnestness speak to your heart, then you are already a fan of this new release from one of the most important groups in the history of Southern Gospel Music. She became a member of the Sweet Inspirations, which previously served as Elvis Presley 's backing group. [7] They also backed Dusty Springfield on her album Dusty in Memphis.[3]. target_type: 'mix' Sweet Inspiration is a sweet sexy tale of the eldest son of Santa Claus and how Lucy's sweet treats and unique style drew him in changing the course of his path forever. We humbly honor the old school soul music era and will keep pushing forward to keep it alive. 568-573). The quartet began in 1964 when Martin Cook, a teacher at Swain County High School, invited several young men to his home for evenings of singing. The Elvis association in particular assured them regular work, including touring with the 'Elvis: The Concert' show, which featured Elvis on screen and his original backing band playing live. News headlines delivered at Noon Monday - Friday. Friday, June 17, 2016 Saturday, June 18, 2016Fri, Jun 17, 2016 Sat, Jun 18, 2016, Tulsa Performing Arts Center Chapman Hall, Tulsa, OK. Shawn Klush, Elvis' Sweet Inspirations, Elvis' original Drummer DJ Fontana and introducing sensational new 50's Elvis Jake Rowley. The Sweet Inspirations was founded by former members of The Drinkard Singers, a long-running Gospel singing group whose membership included Cissy Houston (ne Drinkard), mother of Whitney Houston, and Lee Warwick, who was Cissy's sister and the mother of Sweet Inspirations members Dee Dee and Dionne Warwick.. As a backup group, the Sweet Inspirations was in high demand among . It was released in 1968 under the name "Cissy Drinkard & The Sweet Inspirations. Through the use of multimedia film sequences, live stage acting and concert segments featuring back up singers Estelle Brown and Portia Griffin of the legendary "Sweet Inspirations" and Southern California's own tribute band, TCB Flash Band, Back to Live creates an entertainment experience like no other. We love being here and connecting with peopleeverything starts with customer service! Myrna Smith, The Sweet Inspirations, died in 2010. So Elvis always made sure he got even. 'Songs of Faith and Inspiration' by 'Cissy Drinkard & The Sweet Inspirations' would be released in the summer of 1968, right in between 'Tighten Up' by Archie Bell & the Drells and The Midnight Mover by Wilson Pickett. They would sing behind him for the rest of his life. Rare Original '67 The SWEET INSPIRATIONS Atlantic Records Premiere Self Titled Stereo Vintage U.S Vinyl Press Lp Near MINT Sixties Funk Soul IsWhatIGot (1,123) $24.00 FREE shipping sweet sixteen svg / sweet 16 svg / sixteen svg / digital download CaffeinatedArtStudio (3,451) $1.30 $1.45 (10% off) Matters came to a head during an evening performance in Norfolk. ELVIS PRESLEY told girlfriend and backing singer of seven years, Kathy Westmoreland, that he knew he would die soon. Just listen to Son of a Preacher Man sometimeand you get the idea of how important the Sweet Inspirations were to the Atlantic Sound. As the story goes, Dan Penn and Spooner Oldham got up off the couch, wrote a song for The Sweets, and cut it themselves while Dowd and the rest of the Atlantic crew went to lunch. Smith was replaced with Los Angeles-based singer Kelly Jones; as of March 2011[update], the Sweet Inspirations are continuing to perform backup vocals with Elvis: The Concert and continue to do many concerts worldwide with Elvis Presley Enterprises' first ever "Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist", Shawn Klush,[9] sometimes as a duo and other times as a trio. ), and would become closely allied with her for the rest of her tenure at Atlantic. chocolates shopping sweet inspirations. If you have Closed Captioning issues or have disabilities and have issues and require assistance accessing the KTBS or KPXJ Public File, Direct from the USA, the world's most successful Elvis tribute artist of all time returns to the UK by popular demand. According to, Elvis loved the song so much that he contacted the group to have them sing back up for him. Neal Matthews died on April 21, 2000. Today Rick visits with Estelle Brown of The Sweet Inspirations who were background singers for Elvis Presley . They began performing again and were in demand by the legions of Elvis fans who had seen them in the seventies with the King, in addition to the Soul intelligentsia overseas, where they retained a huge following. No audition was required. [4] In October 2007, Morrison was awarded a Million-Air certificate by BMI for 8 million air plays of "Brown Eyed Girl".[5]. Once back in the U.S., her condition continued to deteriorate, as she suffered kidney failure, further complicated by a severe stroke. As a backup group, the Sweet Inspirations was in high demand among producers, publishers, artists, and songwriters in the early 1960s. Bill Baize, The Stamps Quartet, still active. The multimedia stage production will take audiences on an astounding musical journey through the life and career of The King of Rock n Roll himself Elvis Presley. Tupelo's Own Elvis Presley DVD Video with Sound. Elvis Presley and Racism: The Ultimate, Definitive Guide, 1967 : Sweet Inspirations : Atlantic 1968 : Songs of Faith & Inspiration : Atlantic 1969 : Sweets for my Sweet : Atlantic 1969 : What the World Needs Now is Love : Atlantic 1970 : Sweet Sweet Soul : Atlantic 1973 : The Estelle, Myrna and Sylvia : Stax 1979 : Hot Butterfly : RSO, #12 : The Sweet Inspirations :Black albums : 1968 #90 The Sweet Inspirations : Pop albums :1968, #13 : Let It Be Me : R&B|Black singles : 1967 #94 : Let It Be Me Pop singles : 1967 #36 : Why (Am I Treated so Bad) : Black singles : 1967 #57 : Why (Am I Treated so Bad) : Pop singles : 1967 #5 : Sweet Inspiration : Black singles : 1968 #18 : Sweet Inspiration : Pop singles : 1968 #30 : To Love Somebody : Black singles : 1968 #74 : To Love Somebody : Pop singles : 1968 #41 : Unchained Melody : Black singles : 1968 #73 : Unchained Melody : Pop singles 1968 #42 Crying in the Rain Black singles : 1969 #25 : A Brand New Lover : Black singles : 1970 #44 : Evidence : Black singles : 1971 #26 : Love is on the Way : Club Play singles : 1979 #34 : Celebration : Hot Dance music/Club Play : 2005, Interview with Myrna Smith Cissy Houston Remembers Elvis Presley. I could SWAP places with a doppelgnger, Brian May on Queens influences: The Beatles 'built our bible', Rolling Stones: Brian Jones would call Bob Dylan EVERY day, Elvis Presley had 'HUGE heart, Graceland like living at Disneyland', Elvis Presley's WALKOUT after awkward meeting with Brian Wilson, Elvis: It was INTENSE The King watching 1968 special with Priscilla, Elvis: Colonel Parker's telegram Ive NEVER shared this Priscilla, Elvis Presley's HILARIOUS response to Graceland street named after him, Elvis didn't want to be old on stage, hed be BLOWN AWAY by legacy'. Judy joined the group, along with Ann Moss and Marie Epps, and their appearances at the Newport Jazz Festival introduced them to a wider audience. No part of any article on this site may be re-printed for public display without permission. The cover artwork tips a hat to Desolation Boulevard, 1975 and the band's first Headline Tours. The 3-day Festival is an annual event taking place in the picturesque city of Penticton, British Columbia, Canada in the beautiful Okanagan Valley. Estelle Brown Obituary. An email has been sent to with a link to confirm list signup. The Inspirations Set to Release New Live Album in April Staff March 8, 2021 Arden, NC (March 8, 2021) Formed in 1964, The Inspirations are one of Gospel music's longest-standing quartets. Early in the show, according to a UPI report, Elvis told theaudience that "he smelled green peppers and onions and that his backup singers, the Sweet Inspirations, had probably been eating catfish. The group started with the superstar in the fall of 1973. 1970 Its still that way.. The Sweet inspirations were an American gospel/R&B girl group founded by Emily "Cissy" Houston, mother of the late Whitney Houston. The "King" recorded and toured with the all-male Stampsas well as the female vocal group Sweet Inspirationsfor the remainder of his . Myrna Smith began singing at the age of five she when she sang Jesus Loves Me with her father's gospel group, on 'The Sons of Harmony Radio Show'. But he was really upset about it. Included we see a live performance of the elusive Long Tall Sally seen here for the first time ever. Sweet Inspirations on tour now throughout the UK! The Sweet Inspirations Top Songs #1: "Sweet Inspiration" #2: "Why (Am I Treated So Bad)" #3: "Let It Be Me" #4: "To Love Somebody" #5: "Unchained . Elvis death: The King's pilot I thought Vernon Presley had died, Elvis Presley bodyguard says King'different'person in private, Elvis Presley Vegas backing singer: I believe The King is an ANGEL and he is still here, Elvis performing in Las Vegas with The Sweet Inspirations, Elvis Presley ALIVE? Just prior to that, Cissy had sung with the rest of her group (which now included Estelle Brown) on 'King Curtis Plays The Great Memphis Hits'. The group who sung with The King, including his Las Vegas residencies, featured Whitney Houstons mother Cissy. Careless Love: The Unmaking of Elvis Presley. Starring world renowned Elvis Tribute artist Shawn Klush, and boasting a supporting cast of the finest the industry has to offer, Heart of the King is truly a must see for all Elvis fans, and fans of rock alike. Welcome to the Official website of The Sweet Inspirations! Bacharach, of course, would go on to make history with Dionne at Scepter, while Dee Dee and Judy Clay embarked on solo careers themselves shortly thereafter. Keep up with the group by coming back often. Local breaking news delivered as it happens. Luke Combs recently took to social media to share a moving tribute to his paternal and maternal grandfathers. Hes still here because as long as were here and were keeping him going, hes here. Though their first singles lacked much chart success, Atlantic was committed to the group, and an August session in Memphis yielded the bulk of songs used for the group's self-titled debut album, released in the late fall of 1967. The Inspirations announced a monumental change in their group, as founder/pianist/group co-owner Martin Cook resigned all of his roles last Wednesday. Come and meet them May 15thin Scranton at a special Concert inShawn's hometown. Friday, September 2, 2016Fri, Sep 2, 2016, Friday, August 26, 2016 Saturday, August 27, 2016Fri, Aug 26, 2016 Sat, Aug 27, 2016, NYCB Theater at Westbury, NY, Westbury, NY, Back by Overwhelming Popular Demand, The Elvis Tribute Artist Spectacular returns to one of our favorite venues for 1 night only. We hope to see you all there to celebrate the one and only Elvis Presley. This isnt too surprising, as their have been rumors that Elvis was very fond of the ladies. A Gamble & Huff composition, "Gotta Find Me A Brand New Lover" appeared on the group's fifth album Sweet Sweet Soul. The Sweet Inspirations 1969:Sylvia Shemwell, Cissy Houston, Myrna Smith and Estelle Brown. $8.99. Estelle Brown, Myrna Smith, and Sylvia Shemwell begun performing with Elvis in Las Vegas in 1969 and they continued to perform at every concert with Elvis all the way through the year of 1977 until Elvis' passing.

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